Using our experienced senior developers, designers and consultants, you will be ensured of a high-end product within budget and on time. With our in-house teams, an on-site team, or a mix of both, we work in an agile scrum environment to provide the highest level of quality and ensure integration with your current business software. From Back-end architecture, Big Data, CMS, CRM integration or custom API’s to Native apps. We provide development services in all disciplines required to build enterprise class omnichannel, mobile and e-commerce solutions.

Dedicated (scrum) development teams

We provide all the necessary development skills in-house, right here near Amsterdam / Haarlem in the Netherlands. We hate offshoring just as much as our clients do. Communication between designers and engineers is hard enough. If you want high quality custom made software, it's key to work in small teams, face-to-face, in the same scrum environment. Our in-house teams provide you with the highest level of design and development skills. This is specially suited for projects where speed and time-to-market are critical, there is a strong need of focus, there is no development department on the client’s site, or the project is very iterative in nature and requires large amounts of hours.

We also provide scrum teams on-site at the client’s office. This is usually preferred when it is required to be very close to the stakeholders, the project scope is unclear and very open-ended or a high level of system integration is required. Throughout the project, team members report to an on-site manager and come back to our office on a regular basis for evaluation. This ensures a high level of quality. A multidisciplinary tech team can be setup with the all necessary skill sets, from interface and UX design to native app development, API development or back-end architecture, you name it.

If you would like to read more about our scrum working method in detail, check out how we work: